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Featured Product

Powerdyne supercharger
Available at: Jegs.com


Powerdyne Centrifugal Supercharger Kits are an easy way to add 40-50% more horsepower to your late model car, truck or SUV, for whenever you need it. These BD-Series kits are engineered specifically for street use, fit completely under your hood and do not interfere with any of the stock emissions systems or engine accessories. What makes Powerdyne Superchargers unique from other centrifugal superchargers are the patented SilentDrive internal belt drive and the Hyperdyne impeller design. Orders can be purchased @ Jeg's

(click red JEG's link to be directed to Jeg's powerdyne order.info)

Feature car

Featured Rod
Member: 1slowtalon
Car: 1994 Mustang GT
Short Mod List:
Full exhaust ending with SLP tips, Vortech S trim supercharger.
and more...

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